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Thanks for taking some time to learn about who I am.  I am a 23 year old guy who lives in Canada and I have grown up in the Toronto area for all of my life.  My parents raised me to eat healthy-ish (by the conventional wisdom – lots of whole grains, vegetables, not too much fatty foods) and when I was a kid I would bike around, swim, play outside and because of this I grew up never being too overweight.

This changed when I went to University.  My exercising went way down and since then my eating habits (and drinking habits!) degraded.  There were lots of high carb, high fat meals, processed foods, eating out and all of that fun unhealthy stuff.  I took up cycling to try to burn off the weight and it worked a little bit but I also treated it as an excuse to eat anything I wanted because I would “bike it off”.  I was working a fair amount at the same time and eventually started to feel like I had a second job.

I then discovered the Primal lifestyle.  Since I started learning more about it I have been cutting processed foods, grains and legumes out of my diet and taking a different approach to getting exercise.  On May 2nd I started my 30 day challenge – the goal is to go full primal for these 30 days (though I do still have the occasional drink – have to live a little! ;P) and see how it affects my body.  A lot of people I know are very skeptical so tracking how it affects me should be interesting.  I am lucky enough to have my wonderful girlfriend doing this with me so that we can keep each other honest and stick with it!

This blog will talk about the changes I am making, the food I’m cooking and the life I’m living.





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